8 ways to LEARN BOOKKEEPING! Certified bookkeeper (with free download!)

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8 ways to LEARN BOOKKEEPING! Certified bookkeeper (with free download!). I explain all about how to be certified as a bookkeeper, and give you 8 different options on classes or resources that will help you start & grow your bookkeeping business!

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Bookkeeper Launch Affiliate Links:
BL FREE Series:
BL Pricing & Purchase:
BL Syllabus:
Bookkeeper Business Coach:
Virtual Bookkeeper’s Roadmap:
QBOA ProAdvisor:
My video about QBOA ProAdvisor:
American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB):
National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB):
My video about bookkeeper certifications:
College courses:
On the job training (my video):

If you’re interested in starting a bookkeeping business, there are lots of resources for you on this channel! Here’s video called “Start here!” that will point you in the right direction.
“Start here!” video:

Most popular video:
How to start a bookkeeping business CHECKLIST download:
How to start a bookkeeping business VIDEO:

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50% off Quickbooks for 6 months: (affiliate link for new users). This is best for business owners who want to get started–bookkeepers should get QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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